Life drawing

Colorful Life Drawing

When I joined the weekly Sechelt life drawing sessions in 2007, my art jolted into a completely different direction than I had expected, from imagination to figurative art.

The nude human body has so much variety and drama to offer, whatever the shape and size and our drawing group gets male and female models in a range of sizes, shapes and ages.

I enjoy using colored paper and love the way the whites stand up so strongly on darker ground. The effect creates the illusion of so much volume as one draws in the lights quickly as well as the darks.

I love black and white waxy China marker pencils, making bold marks on the soft buff kraft paper. Colored graphite sticks and watercolor sticks also help deliver the robust color punch that I’m sometimes looking for. The color goes on so richly and the color selection is great.

Life drawing with Brushes app & Adobe Sketch app

A few years ago I explored drawing with Brushes app for iPad and iPhone. It’s a wonderful app that gives you an entire art toolbox in your pocket with every color paper and every drawing tool you could imagine. Read more about life drawing with Brushes app and the more powerful Adobe Sketch app.

In 2017, I inherited my husband’s iPad and it had Adobe Sketch drawing and painting app on it. I could see that it was a much more sophisticated drawing tool than Brushes and set myself the task of learning the different tools, brush styles and functions on a few long bus rides last summer. Once the basics were mastered, I took it to weekly life drawing. WOW! I’m really painting when I’m there, approaching drawing the nude human form with realistic textures like dry pastel, markers watercolor, acrylic and even oil paints with textures – all on an iPad with a simple inexpensive stylus. SUCH a wonderful toolkit!!!

Urban sketching

Taking drawing out into the world…