Plein Air Painting

Plein air painting

Full color works…

Planning a painting trip to Mexico with 3 fellow artists, I decided to put my hand to plein air painting in oil sticks and watercolor. Approaching live subjects and places with the same fast approach used in life drawing and life painting has really sharpened my drawing and observation skills and has been a wonderful way to experience some interesting places.

Urban sketching

Smaller sketchbook studies…

I use a variety of pens, waterbrush pens, China marker for resist and watercolors. The tiny watercolor boxes that I made jump into my small shoulder bag and rush out with us several times a week. Even if it’s just to the cafe for a coffee we usually take them along.

Thank you to my wonderful husband Dennis for getting bitten with the bug and dragging me along! Thanks Jan Poynter for Gibsons Paint Out event.