Llandudno watercolor painting

One afternoon we went on a sketching trip to nearby Llandudno surfing beach. The sand is very fine, a nice long beach with a lovely surf. There were about 18 surfers working the waves and enjoying a lovely day. We hiked up to the far end and found some spots underneath some massive rock formations and spent about an hour there capturing the scene in front of us. Small lizards ran across the low brick wall in front of me that I was using as my table for my art supplies and surfers passed us on their way to see some interesting caves. A lovely day. We worked until our area had no more sun left on it and then it was time to quit, the exciting challenges of working in real time and real sunlight as opposed to studio work from photographs.

Waxy China marker in black and white, watercolor.

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fine art photography by Paula O'Brien 
View from my perch on my little folding stool.
fine art photography by Paula O'Brien
My things spread out on rock wall before me like a big desk.
fine art photography by Paula O'Brien
Dennis working just up form me. In retrospect, I would not have come this far up and out of view if I’d been alone, a bit isolated although only the lizards and a few surfers walked past us.

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