15 days left to get down to GPAG Figures On The Coast show which runs until March 11.
19 fascinating portraits
18 lush nudes
31 interesting paintings
17 fabulous bronze sculpture
85 original works of art in a wonderful art space

Here’s what some of our 850 visitors have been saying about us from comments in our guestbook:

Finally good art with space to properly view it!

Great new space, wonderful show, will enjoy coming here often.

Delightful exhibition, wonderful.

Noel & Jack’s works are amazing!

Fascinating, especially the bronzes!

You put a wonderful show together Paula, much impressed.

Very impressed! Wonderful standard! Congratulations!

Thanks team, great show.

Fabulous display, such talent!

So good to have this place here.

Fabulous exhibit, just breathtaking.

Just outstanding.

Fabulous gallery- wonderful, varied, powerful painting and sculptures. Very different, Paula, outstanding.

Exceeds my expectations, gorgeous, inspiring.

Colourful, creative, unique…

Published on: Feb 24, 2013

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