411 figurative artists – my art quilt

A brand new year! My figurative artist site is not yet one year old but nearly. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I’ve met many amazing artists online and even a few in person. My own studio work has been on a sideline since last February as my art sites, family and job have kept me pretty occupied and hopping. The thing that makes it easy for me to tick away at the site of artists is that I can just jump in my seat and pick up exactly where I left off and just keep going forward with my research, networking and building. No paint to dry or cleanup.

It’s kind of like making a quilt or knitting a sweater. Just keep ticking away at it and eventually a marvelous product will emerge and have a life of its own. I look at the site as my major art work for 2010. Even if they are not my own paintings, sculptures, ceramics or dolls, I have carefully chosen their layout and juxtaposition, just like making a quilt.

This is a picture of my 2010 “quilt” of 411 international figurative artists’ images that appear on our site. They’re in alphabetical order by first name from A.D. Cook to Zhaoming Wu so see if you can find yours…

Come and join us for a marvelous visit or to showcase your own wonderful art with a focus on the human form. Just drop us a line and we’ll see if your work and site fits in and then we go from there. 2011 is off to a racing start with a big email binge and already about 35 new additions. I’m planning a BIG chocolate cake for when we hit number 500!
Published on: Jan 8, 2011

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    1. Thanks Ramona. Maybe we’ll get together next week and tackle that searchability stuff. Have a great week. Do you know about the art lecture series in Lower Gibsons at GPAG, last Wed of month at 7pm? Will be very good, $35 for series of 7 months.

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