An American Elegy

Oils on canvas, alla prima
Live performance painting to Sunshine Coast Orchestra Band
16 x 20 inches

This was an exciting live painting event. We responded to the innovative lively music and created works from music we had never heard before and no foreknowledge of. This 40 minute section of music began with a thoughtful Elegy written in response to the Columbine Massacre, very moving.

“The spring concert Modern Masterpieces for Wind Ensemble will be sure to change your thinking about Concert Band Music forever. This Concert will highlight music by some of the great composers of today, including Frank Ticceli and Eric Whitacre.

Playing with sound, provoking visual images by creating soundscapes and exploring tone colour through instrumentation and percussion are a few of the exciting elements that tie the music in this program together. Some of the pieces, including the large work “Angels in the Architecture” will be translated into visual art live during the performance by Artists Donna Swain and Paula O’Brien.”