Balance gymnast Cirque art, mixed media circus painting, textiles and painting


Mixed media, textiles, acrylics, beads, vinyl, wood, acrylic jewels, glitter
3 feet x 5 feet

The background of this mixed media circus painting is canvas, the body and lower white area are textiles.

Figure was worked as a separate layer on vanishing muslin or Brush-Off Stabiliser and water soluble stabiliser. The white area was heavily stitched as a separate layer then both were soaked and dried before stitching to the painters canvas back which had professionally inserted grommets put in.

Acrylic paint was applied to canvas and worked over some areas of the textile pieces, too. Glitter and acrylic jewels were applied around the word Balance.

The piece was nearly completed when I received the tragic news that my oldest and dearest friend had taken her life by suicide in France. It made the concept of finding balance in one’s life resonate all the more with me.

Life is for the living of it and sometimes it pays to not sweat the small stuff. Celebrate…

circus acrobat art quilt, green surface embellishment, surface design, free machine sticthing

Paula O'Brien, art textiles, circus art, surface design embellishment