A couple of weeks ago, we drove down to Seattle and took in the 3 day Bellevue Arts Festival. What treat! The only time I ever went to this wonderful regional juried fine arts and fine crafts festival was a very long time ago when we were boating in the San Juan Islands and I saw a poster for it. I left our 2 young boys with my husband for the day in Friday Harbor. I started the day with a ferry ride over to the mainland, rented a car, drove by myself down to Seattle and found my way to the fair. This was a big trip all by myself way back when. I raced around the incredible fair and took in as many things as possible before I had to drive back up to Anacortes, return the rental car and ferry back to Friday Harbor. My mind was buzzing from all the wonderful things I’d seen from price point of under $10 to great big metal sculptures for many thousands of dollars. I’d always wanted to go back but this event falls on the same weekend as our own town fair Gibsons Sea Cavalcade and so I’ve missed it up till this year.

We took our little old poodle off to the kennel then headed south taking pretty much the whole of Thursday getting there. Hubby Dennis, my mother and myself checked into our hotel right in the heart of the venues and then said see you tomorrow to son Ben, 24 and sent him off by bus to have his own adventure at a Seattle Youth Hostel. Dennis saw the fair quickly and wandered off and Mom and I stuck together and did the fair much more thoroughly. We took the whole of Friday just doing the high end venue under Bellevue Square Mall then saw the other 2 street fairs just around the corner on Saturday.

Here’s some of the fine crafts that really caught my eye….

Aruna Ostapas     painted metal baskets, metal art quilts

Barry and Rosalind Hage    big, bold colorful teapots and sculpture forms

Leslie Codina    wild stacking ceramic shapes on galvanized 1/2″” pole, fabulous garden sculpture.
Laughter poles from my own garden are inspired by stacking garden poles I’ve seen, maybe even those great ceramics ones listed above but I can’t remember.

Cameron Kaseberg    solvent transfer, crows on chairs and landscapes

Marie Maretska   elegant abstract copper enamel panels

Mark Anderson   interesting paint finishes on chunky wood and metal furniture, sorry no image

Ed Coffman  stunning intricate wood and stone inlay objects, furniture

Viscosity   big, juicy chunky pop colored glass balls, bowls

Jim Dunakin    FABULOUS bold chunky jewelry. I went back a few times but just couldn’t find the right piece to bring home

Alex and Mona Szabados     figurative enamel faces in Russian style

Sally Craig  FABULOUS exquisite finely woven silver and gold wire jewelry, oxidized

Sana Doumet   chunky silver and gold jewelry

Sabine Schran-Collings    FABULOUS gold and silver jewelry

Maggie Meister   spectacular, ancient looking jewelry, artifacts

Tina Barry    bright and colorful jewelry with chunky glass tubes, beads

Cornelia Goldsmith    FABULOUS gold jewelry

Melissa Finelli  bold silver asymmetric jewelry, sculptural shapes

Sarah Fox   fun, bold  jewelry of felt and silver

Vicki Fish  mixed media boxes with black wings, animals resin heads

Mary Ennes Davis    mixed media art ,wood, found objects panels and guardians

Barbara J Kline    photography. layered negatives and hand colored, very atmospheric

Lu Ann Ostergaard    photography, details and textures enlarged

Viviana Bonanomi Santamarina     paper knitted mixed media sculptures

Marianne Bernse   fun colorful textile hangings and floorcloths

art of wings   magical fairy wings

Suzanne Tidwell    interesting textiles, she did the big knitted socks for lamp posts that lined the streets in the area

Anya    FABULOUS wearables, sliced up mixed knits t-shirts

Great Coats    wearables, nice trench with overcast edge, very smart and wearable

Handmade Chenille   great classy but interesting wearables

Oida Touchon  FABULOUS woodcut prints, bold

John Shrader    exceptional pierced wood objects

Martha Collins    EXCELLENT fine layered wood bowls, jewelry, functional objects

Dona Reed    excellent chunky woodcuts, gutsy crows
Published on: Aug 19, 2011

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