Bellevue Arts Festival – fine art painting, sculpture that caught my eye

Here’s some of the painters and sculptors that really caught my eye on our recent trip to the Bellevue Arts Festival, 2011, sorry no image if I couldn’t copy image location from their site.

Bradford J Salamon
    nice figurative painting

Kristen Reitz-Green
    painting of daily life

Janet O’Neal   colorful paintings and mixed media

Tim Timmerman    painting and mixed media, nice site

Kellee Beaudry
   quirky colorful pet portraits with lots of character

Carolyn Reynolds
    nice paintings on lustrous gold ground

Patty Fortelinna    very nice painting, lovely site

Juli Adams   very nice painting, lovely site

Marcio Diaz
   bubblism, colorful circles over colored ground, contemporary Latin America artist

Gabor Koranyi    contemporary figurative painting

Brian McGuffey    interesting painting

Yvette Neumann    colorful abstract painting

Christina Goodman
    FABULOUS miniature painting on cast resin panels and jewelry

Ora Tamir    elegant fantasy painting

Jennifer Phillips   lovely trees and forest paintings

Lisa Lamoreaux    painting and mixed media

Diane Culhane    paintings reminiscent of Chagall

Mario Cespedes    nice painting, soft colorful imagery

Valerie Willson    painting, landscapes, trees and pattern

Larry Stepheson    vintage toys, sardines, quirky nostalgic paintings

Marcia Hindman    nice, lush abstract paintings

Richard C Harrington    paintings, big bold barns, really lovely work

Lyn & Randy Sediak-Ford    FABULOUS painted layered textured panels of paint sandwiched between acrylic panels in aluminum

Kelly Somer    FABULOUS  paintings, simple, food and tables

Whitney Peckman    paintings, textures, gilding, florals, figures

Jill Mayberg    VERY APPEALING painting, adorable, rough and raw animals

Harold Pickern    FABULOUS paintings of big old rusting trucks

Sheila M Evans    FABULOUS pastels, gorgeous flowers

R Micheal Wommack    pastels, rich pastel urban nightscapes with swimming pools

Crystal Lockwood   massive wood sculpture

Casey Bridges    sculpture, massive cast heads that lie in gardens

Jacquline Hurlbert    GORGEOUS figurative sculpture!!

Lorra Lee Rose    sculpture, fascinating feather-surfaced forms

Joe Clifton   fun and irreverent recycled metal, we bought Bert who looks a bit like above

Gunter Reimnitz   metal crows, great metalwork

Jason Napier    sculpture, at $45,000 this massive pheasant bench , seen above as a work in progress but now brilliantly colored, was the most expensive price tag I noticed

Sue Cretarolo    good design in painting and mixed media sculpture

Sally Prangley    sculpture, wire shapes with beads, very interesting

Andrew Carson    OMG! Big kinetic aluminum and glass wind sculptures!! Incredibly fun and bold

Josh Brooke Cote   wonderful rusted or galvanized wire figures in wire, I would love to adopt one of his marvelous hares on tricycles

Ron Stocke   really fresh scenes in excellent watercolor
Published on: Aug 19, 2011

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    1. Glad I could bring you along in my little back pack! Yes, some nice things to see, was very interesting to see what is on the market and what is not on the market just now.

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