Bloomsbury Garden jacket & hat

Bloomsbury Garden Jacket #29  $14.00

A delightfully romantic loose fitting jacket pattern with pleated peplum featuring bold 1920s inspired floral motifs done in easy appliqué. Scalloped pockets & collar. Big old fashioned hat included. Pretty in denims to velvets. Makes a beautiful suit with Sundown Skirt. Multi-sized S-XL.

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Pavelka Design sewing patterns
Bloomsbury Garden Samples

4 friends in Bloomsbury Garden Jacket & Hat worn with Sundown Skirt. The center ones are in cottons. Dark floral is a soft flannel print.

I am wearing “my little travelling suit” which features a peplum made from a thriftstore chenille bedspread complete with its fringe, skirt features fringe & photo-transfers. The buttons are large sculptural ones of Loius XV chairs. These chair buttons do not pass through buttonholes but are mounted on the same side as buttonholes so that there are buttons down both sides of jacket when worn open, a nice touch.


Finished views of My Little Travelling Suit, a modified version of Bloomsbury Garden Jacket and a Sundown Skirt. The white peplum was cut from a chenille bedspread found at a thrift store. As I held it up in the store, the person next to me said “Oh, too bad it has that big stain on it.” “That’s ok,” I said, “I’m planning to cut it up anyway and it’s perfect.”

Pavelka Design sewing patterns
Pavelka Design sewing patterns

Bloomsbury Garden as suit with Sundown Skirt in William Morris fabrics by Liberty. The flowers are in cottons & satins.

Pavelka Design sewing patterns
Pavelka Design sewing patterns

Bloomsbury Garden
by Evelyn Langston of Hollister, MO.
Beautiful jacket & wonderful photo!