Carpetbag Dress

Carpetbag Dress #47  $14.00

Loose fitting dress pattern, great for setting off, carpetbag in hand, for whereabouts unknown! In strip-pieced version, put together luscious fabrics from your collection. Slightly raised waist, 1 deep inverted box-pleat or 5 mini-pleats. Color block big pockets to stand out or disappear. Multi-sized up to 60 inch bust.

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Carpetbag Dresses
by Linda Biek

The blue one features some quilting on the pockets. “I love your Carpetbag Dress & get great reviews. I am planning a batik one & a Halloween one & have the hearts for next Valentines Day. The black & gold is my personal favorite.”


What an adorable clothesline!! Carpetbag Dress and Overwows by Joyce Hummel.

Pavelka Design sewing patterns
Pavelka Design sewing patterns

Lovely Seminole patchwork on these beautiful Carpetbag Dresses but I’m afraid I’ve lost the name of the maker. Please let me know if you made these and I’ll be glad to add your name for this lovely work.

Pavelka Design sewing patterns
Pavelka Design sewing patterns