Chunky hand quilting gives great bite to art quilt

Chunky hand quilting gives great bite to art quilt

One of my favorites. I love this thick cotton and the chunky hand quilting with what looks like crochet cotton. I love the randomness and sharp contrasts of this art quilt.

If you’re just finding this blog now, I pretty much stumbled across the International Tokyo quilt Show when I was in Tokyo on a business trip in January 2007. Having a big background in textile arts, I was thrilled to be able to spend the entire day there on my own and left my husband to his own devices. He had fun too doing something else but did not tag along and slow me down at all. It’s nice not to have to be stuck at the hip when traveling.

Gosh, you’ll only ever be there on that day once so go for it if you can! Just meet up later and share your days adventures over some local evening snacks. Don’t forget your camera!

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