Gorgeous sculptures from small to life sized by Richard MacDonald in the Bellagio Hotel area near the Cirque du Soleil “O” show. I’m going to contact him to see if I can get him onboard for the figurative artist site. Videos playing in this gallery showed the sculptor working from live dancers in his studio.

Dennis had tried for tickets to the Beatles “Love” show but our free nights didn’t quite match up. I’m so glad we switched our one big Vegas show to Cirque du Soleil’s “O” because that show is completely irreplaceable, absolutely impossible to replicate anywhere else in the world.


The stage magically transformed itself into all kinds of shapes and depths of water from nothing and a totally solid wooden stage to just a little skim of water like a puddle to  deep enough for synchronized swimming and then eventually a small slice open for precision diving by 3 top athletes from a height of about 100 feet. Completely unbelievable and mesmorizing.

I took a few pics in the rich theatre before the show started. I have a fascination with stage curtains, circus curtains and the whole circus field. I like playing with intended blur and long exposures which work very well even with my small travel camera.
Published on: Jun 29, 2010
Such a precursor to my later blur dance photography!!

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