Have you heard of Dr. Sketchy life drawing groups? They're a real hoot! Life drawing with an Attitude with a capital A! It's an international organization with franchises here and there. Last week my husband and I went to the Vancouver group and drew up a storm! He's just a newcomer to life drawing but he's jumped into the swimming pool at the deep end and is loving the challenge!

Wonder Woman

The poses are FAST, from one minute and two minutes and I think the longest ones were ten minutes so you just have to grab your tools and get drawing.

I christened a brand new sketchbook of toned paper. I usually draw standing up at an easel with large sheets of brown kraft paper but Dr. Sketchy is held in small venues like cafes or galleries so think smaller scale and keep things tight on your lap as you site and draw.

Because the poses are fast, the lively burlesque models can really give us expressive hands and faces, something we do not get in my local, more traditional life drawing group. This model had wonderful dramatic hands and great facial expressions.

There's always a glass of wine or a beer available at Dr. Sketchy groups and the music was, well, pretty frigging loud for my poor little ears but it was hilarious music! I pushed in some toilet paper as impromptu earplugs and enjoyed it but taking earplugs might be a good idea for me next time.


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