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Dreamweaver University few weeks…

Dreamweaver University few weeks…

February 4, 2013 | ART, wordpress | No Comments

Yikes, the brain is getting tired! I have just finished a 13 day marathon of reworking my PaulaOBrien.com website to be more contemporary and show well on screens of all sizes. It was a big leap on the hamster wheel and learning curve of web design. With my group show opening locally next Saturday, I have just spent a few days bringing the SunshineCoastArtists.org up to snuff with a bright new look, better navigation.

It’s designed to read well even on mobile phones BUT I’ve just heard that Google is bringing in some new criteria about that so I guess I will need to do some more research and behind the scenes work before I tackle a remake of FigurativeArtist.org which is on the agenda for this Spring.

Oh well, I guess the learning curve only stops for boring people… I guess I should have checked that out ahead but hopefully will not take too much retweaking.

Cheers all and see you next Sat, Feb 9 from 4 till 7 pm at the GPAG reception for Figures on The Coast if you’re around for it and not off in sunny Mexico!

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