Fabric Lover’s Jumper

Fabric Lovers Jumper #48  $14.00

Long slimming lines makes this loose-fitting jumper pattern a flattering hit! Drop waist, great pockets with optional back belt. Choose 6 or 12 panels to make up the skirt. Lovely in cottons or fabrics with drape. Back is similar to front. Multi-sized for 32- 60 inch bust.

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Pavelka Design sewing patterns
Fabric Lover’s Jumper Samples

Black cottons are Empress Garden by Concord Fabrics, purple one with crazy patching on bodice, subtle beige William Morris by Liberty. Back view shows optional belt.

Pavelka Design sewing patterns

Fabric Lovers Jumper in crazy patchwork with grapes by Quilters Ranch, Tempe, AZ.


Fabric Lovers Jumper in velvets by Evelyn Langston of Hollister, MO. Gorgeous!