The figurative artist slide show #1 has finally gone live! If this movie doesn’t show at the correct size here on the page, click here to view it at YouTube. I had 176 submissions and had to edit them down to 132 to fit the music I had picked out and keep the video short enough to keep viewers’ attention. That means I have 44 slides already sized for slide show #2, terrific!

There is certainly something for everybody; exquisitely rendered oil paintings, bold chunky palette knife work, washy watercolor, mixed media, collage, sculpture in bronze, glass and ceramic, encaustic, photography, found objects assemblage and even an origami master. These fine artists and fine craftsmen have captured the human forms that fascinate them with passion, humor and sensitivity and offer you these clothed and unclothed subjects for your enjoyment. I hope you will enjoy this slide show and share it with your friends who enjoy the art of the human form.

Before last October, all but around 40 of the over 500 artists who trust me to promote their images were complete strangers to me. The artists in this film come from USA, Canada, England, Sweden, France, Italy, Iceland, Holland and Australia. This has been a big task and is certainly leading to some interesting places. I hope you’ll come and visit the network sites and their blogs, make comments and share them with other artists and art lovers.

Many thanks, Paula
Aug 7, 2010

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  1. I think you should be a brave girl and just let the lost comments go and move onto the new projects waiting n the wings.

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