Finding solutions to problems with Google

Finding solutions to problems with Google

August 13, 2010 | organization | No Comments

Outlook signature

Don’t you just love it when you find a great solution to an annoying computer problem? I mainly use Entourage, the Mac version of Outlook. I’ve been pasting my email signature into new reply emails by hand because sometimes my signature is there, sometimes it’s not and sometimes it’s way down at the bottom of the email conversation thread. I Googled the simple line “entourage add signature to emails” and found the perfect solution in about one second.

That’s also a perfect example of how good page and post names really rise to the top in searches. It kills me when I see nice slick art sites that have very poor page names. If your image is of a Madonna, virgin Mary face for example, make sure you make a good page name like virgin_Mary_Madonna_red_dress.html and not just M_26_red.html or something that has zero search value. If your work is worth putting online, make it easy for others to find it.

I often visit fabulous art sites that are all made in flash and no unique page names appear in the address bar when different pages are visited. When that happens, a great single page link is impossible to share and the whole navigation trail must be explained. I know my page structures are quite simple but I think they do navigate easily and they do search well. It’s a quandry for artists; shall I go with a slick flash site or a simpler one that searches better? In any event, a good simple site is better than no site at all.

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