green art raincoat applique, Sew your own waterproof raincoat trenchcoat


Green waterproof raincoat

Circus series
Wearable art coat. Christine Jonson pattern Easy Coat 122.

Ultrex is similar to Goretex fabric with the same waterproof, windproof, breathable, washable qualities. It is wonderful stuff to work with and if you have to wear a coat like I do in the Pacific Northwest, why not have some fun with it? Seams must be sealed with iron-on tape which is a bit exacting but not difficult. I get most of my outerwear supplies through Sundrop Textiles.

I always put several large zipped pockets in the linings of coats to allow for purse-free travel as I am a minimalist packer and can take off for lengthy trips with just one good sized backpack; two pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes, one fleece jacket, some tops and underthings, my toilet bag and I’m off! The trick is to make sure everything works together and that you love it. That’s why people sew I guess!

Iron-on reflector detail on sleeve. This is my last one! If anyone knows where to get more, let me know please!

Green main fabric is cut away to reveal under layers. Every stitch line must be seam sealed to ensure 100% waterproof quality with iron-on seam seal tape.

Buttonholes created with techniques from Koos Van Den Akker’s book Couture Collage.

Detail view shows buttonhole front detail, then the back detail, showing the slimmer slit on the back and the wide irregular front.

green-wearable-art-coat-buttons, Koos van Akker buttonholes

Paula O'Brien, Pavelka Design, art textiles, make your own waterproof raincoat trenchcoat, Christine Jonson pattern Easy Coat 122.

Paula O'Brien, Pavelka Design, art textiles