House paint can explosion!

I’ve just escaped a horrendous house paint catastrophe so here’s a cautionary tale for today’s cost-cutting times. I’m auditioning a rich copper color paint for my painted floor, color number 3 for anyone who’s keeping track. Luckily my local Benjamin Moore store is just a couple of blocks away from home. I got the gallon of latex floor and porch paint mixed, shaken and sampled with a little blob onto my paint chip for Copper Clay. Perfect, no problem. The clerk even gave me the GOOD news that Sam Grimes, the house painter I’ve used for years, has moved back to the Coast. Fabulous!!

I walked to my car and put the gallon can on the front passenger floor mat and just happened to notice a bit of copper colored paint on my hand. Odd, I thought that tiny blob on the paint card had been perfectly dry so where did that come from? I looked down at the tin and saw that the whole side of the tin was running down with paint and pooling on my black woolly floor mat! HOLY CRAP! Now this happened to be a day when I’m NOT wearing my painting clothes as I was on my way to work. Luckily I was also on my way to recycling and had a car full of cardboard and newspaper.

I finally looked down the back of my hot pink velvet pants to see a huge area of nice rust colored paint and even some on my green circus coat. HOLY CRAP! I carefully slid off my green circus coat and black embroidered sweat jacket and folded them onto the cardboard, hauled the oozing paint tin onto the sidewalk, blotted away at my floor mat with my car bottle of water and a few tissues. Luckily it’s not the middle of winter! I ran back into the store with the exploded can sitting in an old saucepan also on its way to the dump. The clerk poured the paint into a new can and packed them in a box for me to carry away safely and gave me a pair of white painters pants in size 32 (good guess) to wear. They would have fit except the buttonhole was too small for the button and he had to cut me a bit of rope to tie them up with as they were falling down before I even made it to the door. Sort of funny but was in a big rush to get home and get scrubbing to rescue my clothes.

Raced home, dropped everything at the front door, tossed coat and jacket in the tub, pants in the sink and spent the next 40 minutes scrubbing and soaking madly. Holy cow. When I had gotten as much as I could out by hand, I ran them through the washing machine twice and hung them up to dry. The next day shows just a few specks and nothing too critical, phew except the pants are not perfectly pink anymore. Now, this is our 2nd can to leak like this in the same line of product from this company and outlet. I just wonder if maybe Benjamin Moore is using a new supplier or just cutting costs too closely if 2 out of 3 cans of this product have been punctured by the paint shaker at this place. Can you imagine the utter horror show if I had NOT noticed this leak from the can or on my pants and just hopped into my car and driven off for half an hour or so??? That would have been a catastrophe of horrendous paint all over my car seat and who knows where else. I guess we should all double check the paint can at the counter before blithely walking away with it.

The picture shows my current green and a few deep rosy colors I’m auditioning. Painting a floor is a big job because you really need to stay off it as long as possible to allow it to cure, a quality of its epoxy additive. We put in the highest quality plywood we could and filled the heck out of it 13 years ago. I guess it has maybe 5 coats on it now as I have painted it only twice in that time. It’s so smooth and feels so nice underfoot. We call it Roberts Creek hardwood, a local joke but we love it and hey, we get to play with the color every few years, not something we could do if we put in a true hardwood beauty. It originally was wide stripes of a deeper green sponged over a lighter green, think broccoli and celery. We loved that for about 9 years then 3 years ago I painted it this solid warm green and now I’m going into the warm rusts. The walls are going from butter yellow to deeper gold. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Published on: Oct 27, 2010

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