Thursday, Sept 23. Our breakfast of apple French Toast with bacon at Braeburn Café was much tastier than this seagull’s one of a starfish.

It’s hard to believe they are good to eat but seagulls seem to force the stiff creatures down with some gusto. I’m glad I don’t have to eat them. Did you know they are voracious carnivores? When we pick up our crab traps sometimes all we find are big sunstar starfish who have chowed down our catch, those pigs.

Nipped over to the Coffeeshop with good wifi to publish my previous post, sat at a gorgeous circusey collaged table but had no signature. Hey artists, sign your work some place, we’d like to know whose it is even years after the fact. Took lots of pictures of pretty little garden sculptures made with recycled objects, picked out 2 quarter yards of Kaffe Fassett (rhymes with safe) quilting fabric to make some hair bands with, picked up 2 orangey yarns and some knitting needles to have a little boat scarf knitting project with, found sweet little felt bird from Nepal in a museum quality Asian rug shop and I will add it to the hair band. Not sure if I’ll have hair band made before we get to Oak Harbor about 2 hours away but we’ll see.

Hmm, another little water leak in engine room that we need to figure out. Just did a few bits of hand laundry in the washing machine (galley sink, couple inches of water and rubber gloves) and was about to put them in the dryer (pull-out rack in engine room) when we noticed the water down there. Seems to be leaking from our water-maker, not a hole in the hull.

Beautiful antique carousel horse by carver Charles Dare in fine chocolate shop, a snap(??) at $4,200 for the right collector. Tell them I sent you if you buy it and maybe they’ll send me some fine chocolates. Sage, the makers of the ACT database we use send me brownies each Xmas because I bring them new clients each year as I rave about it so much so it’s within the realm of possibility.

Back to very nice little gallery Museo to try on some fine hand crafted silver earings again by Beth Wyatt. I had these pieces in my ever since I saw them here 3 years ago so they’re special. Auditioned a few and eventually picked out just the right ones so we’ll wrap those up for Xmas as soon as we get home. They’ll go very well with my broach by Erin Dolman too. Museo had some great art on the walls, paintings along the lines of antique Chinese distressed silk wallpaper peeling off uneven French chateau walls, a knockout by Kathe Fraga. They went very well with the obsessive intricate glass and wire sculptures by Kait Rhoads. Bought a fine crafted wooden cutting board for our home kitchen. It lives on the island counter all the time so why not a thing of beauty? Perfect. Now we just have to rebuild the kitchen island because it is our next big home project but no plans to start just yet, the ideas are still simmering. Maybe next Spring.

The whole town of Langley seemed to be 100% behind these fun recycled garden sculptures as we saw plenty of them. What a great way to recycle stuff AND bring color, humor and joy to the garden?

1400 hrs. Thurs Sept 23. Departed Langley for Oak Harbor.
1610 hrs. Arrived Oak Harbor. Very windy but we surfed along with it behind us so we had it to our advantage. I had already hauled out my sewing machine (had gone off-shore cruising to Mexico in Sandingo so have a sewing machine for the boat) and sewed up the 2 long strips into basically long sausages.

Carried them ashore with me and pulled them right side out as we chatted with other American Tugs here on the dock. Dashed back inside, added a little snip of elastic to the center back, tied a few knots in the fabric to bulk it up, cut up some scrap of soft white fabric I had made some small window screens with and pushed that in as padding then tied the final knot at the right tightness right on top of my head.

Cut off the leftover few inches at each end and hand stitched the knot shut. Played around with the positioning of the little felt bird and the hand stitched it on.

By 5:30 (1730 hrs) I was ready to go to dinner with my nice new hair band on. Do you like it?

Published on: Sep 29, 2010

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  1. Thanks Kathe! Nice to get some feedback. I guess putting your url in the trackback field sent you some kind of alert or maybe you noticed it with your Google Alerts? How did you happen to see that i mentioned you? Still trying to understand how this whole fun playground works… Too much fun. Can I add you to my email list for very occasional great slideshows for our figurative art site?

  2. Hi and yes, add me to your your email list. A client googled my art and your blog popped up with the mention. Thanks again!

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