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Langley, Whidbey Island, so photogenic especially with Hipstamatic!

Langley, Whidbey Island, so photogenic especially with Hipstamatic!

October 6, 2012 | ART, boating, circus, photography, travel | No Comments

I so much enjoy using my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. It gives this square size and there are several lenses and film types to pick from for different effects. My default favorite is the John S Lens with Kodot XGrizzled film, no flash. In fact I almost NEVER use flash in any of my photography as I find it destroys the natural light and beauty that I am really experiencing and falling in love with with my eye and lens.

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island

This little house is just at the top of the dock ramp and the first place to see after squeezing your boat into the very challenging but secure little harbor.

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, wooden ladder

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, wooden ladder

I found these special wooden ladders hot on the job as we walked along the water’s edge. Their shape is novel to me but the fellow says they’re common down there, with 3 legs. Maybe I lead a sheltered life as far as ladders go but they had a wonderful character and presence.

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island

Always a good idea…

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, American flag

I snapped a few as this truck rumbled through the quiet street. the flag hangs outside a closed and shuttered tavern, a sad reminder of happier days. It was spiffing itself up for the DjangoFest Northwest ‘12, a fabulous guitar festival. We’ve been here before at that time and found whole groups of guitar pickers sitting in meditative circles and plucking away contentedly together. Music fans, check it out.

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, fuschia flowers, garden

I am enjoying the attitude that Hipstamatic brings to garden subjects. this delicate soft soft pink fuschia just hits the spot.

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, circus tent, magic

This small child’s circus tent was in the corner of a lovely women’s boutique. As I am a big circus fan, I love the dark shadows that Hipstamatic creates.

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, vinyl cafe stools, vintage cafe

Vintage vinyl cafe chairs in a funky cafe. Chairs and tables often have lots of character and are great photographic or painting subjects as they don’t move much. as compared to the sometimes elusive human…

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, seaweed, weeds, dock, boating

The big wooden wall of the marina was as usual nicely encrusted with barnacles and lots of sealife but the scallop edge lacey effect of almost birds nest seaweed and grasses was quite unique.

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, docks, reflecting water, tidal scene

When on a photo ramble, I of course bring my regular camera too. Here’s the tranquil shore by regular lens. I just find that some of my best shots are coming from having my old iPhone along, a hand-me-down one, not the latest and greatest. I was resistant to cell phones but now as they are so much more than just a phone, I do love having the camera along with its tricks and special effects just in my pocket.

Hipstamatic, Langley, Widbey Island, fonts, lettering, signage, vintage signs


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