Am I the only person who has never been to Las Vegas before last week? I almost thought that we might not even bother to visit a casino on our recent trip there for the Licensing Show.


HA! I was completely gobsmacked when I discovered the slots begin at the end of the airplane off ramp! Crikey! Also at many hotels, you must walk through the casino to get to the elevators so there goes that naïve idea. You actually cannot avoid them.

After 3 days there, Dennis and I eventually forced ourselves to gamble- wait for it- a whole dollar each! Well, we both got a ticket for wow! 25 cents and we were so lost in our gambling fever that we just mindlessly pushed that ticket back into the slot machine until it was gone. Boo hoo. I guess I could gamble a bit more money than that but not on this trip.

Impressions from first afternoon- mind-numbing 120 degrees!!! Feels like standing in front of the over door at full blast. We are just not used to this coming from British Columbia.

I guess you can get anything you want in Vegas. Lines of guys in shirts emblazoned with REAL GIRLS TO YOU IN 20 MINUTES, clicking and handing out small picture cards with yes, real girls and for the most part with real breasts.

Water fountains everywhere in a desert strip just a few miles from the raw desert itself. The shining city strip seems so small and vulnerable and definitely unsustainable, an illusion, a temporal playground, a Disneyland for adults.

Gift shop in Bellagio Hotel featured some of my favorites (for window shopping only) of Jay Strongwater and Judith Leiber. I was pretty sure the prices were hefty and sure enough this little Judith Leiber finch clutch bag was about $3600. Honestly, these objects are wearable jewels but I’d have to keep that in my vault (safety deposit bank) and it wouldn’t even fit in there! I love looking at these fine objects though as they are truly works of art to be admired for their artistry, design and fine craftsmanship. A delicious Jay Strongwater tiger with a clock on its back was $2600, totally mouthwatering and covetable except for the price tag.

2010/06/24 at 2:26 pm
Gobsmocked? Do they talk like that in BC? I wrote that one down! I like the sound of it.

I’d like to respond with an email but could find no profile on this blog. It downloads SO slow that I actually made dinner AND set the table before it even half way came up. NOW you must know that while in WI I have dial up…GAG. But in FL I am high speed in the winter and the blogs on WordPress that I follow load VERY slow. What is it with WordPress? I don’t like it. I complain all the time about WordPress.
I had to laugh about The shining city strip seems so small and vulnerable and definitely unsustainable, an illusion, a temporal playground, a Disneyland for adults. You hit that on the head. And yes, you are the only people on earth who haven’t been there! But once was enough for me.
Licensing character properties? WHAT is that all about?
I like your Wed group that is working on social (and professional) networking.
My daughter in Madison, WI teaches workshops on that topic. Keeping up on it must be amazing!!! I cannot believe the scope of your Figurative Blog..oh my much information. I am truly overwhelmed.
I might not get back here for awhile so you if you want to answer me…you can go to my email or comment on my blog. I automatically get the comments by email and that saves a bunch of time!!!
The little picture snippets on the side bar are, as you probably figured out by now, a feature of blogspot blogs (NOT WordPress).
I find you amazing…art wise and other wise. Are ADHD?

Ginny Stiles

Paula replies-
2010/06/24 at 3:04 pm | In reply to Ginny Stiles.
Hi Ginny-Gobsmacked is from Britain, not really from British Columbia but it’s such a good word! So WordPress blogs load slowly? I have not seen that on the different computers I have looked at it with. It loads very quickly for me on the ones I have tried out. I am trying out all kinds of tools and tricks on this giant waterslide of learning and tweaking things on the fly as I figure them out.
Hmmm, you couldn’t find the profile info, darn. I’ll try to make that more obvious, may be missing something but I have an about page and my email right there on the front page.
Licensing is using properties like comic book characters on another company’s products. We went to learn how to use comic characters in case our Kidzsmart clients request them on our custom kids activity booklets. I’ll be explaining more about that over the next few posts.
Your daughter teaches that In Madison? Neat. It sure is a fascinating, blistering hot topic right now and we are hot on the trail.
Yes, I put the tiny blogroll icons on my 2 Blogger blogs and I like them! Yeah, does not seem to do anything with WordPress. Oh well, you can’t have everything…
Nice to connect with you! Bye for now- Paula
Published on: Jun 23, 2010

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