Paula takes a tumble at the Bellagio

After Cirque du Soleil’s magnificent show “O”, I just couldn’t resist the urge to carry on the circus theme and take a tumble down the looong beautifully carpeted hallway on our way back to our room on the 21st floor. I think I may make this quick somersault one of my party tricks. Other people take stuffed animals and photograph all over the world soooo maybe I’ll take my somersault. We’ll just have to see. I wonder if the security cameras picked it up and if the guards had a laugh about it? HA!

2010/07/06 at 10:25 am
Pretty Funny Paula!
Rowan Moore-Seifred

2010/07/17 at 7:22 am
Go Paula, good for you still girl at heart.
Gordana Curgus
http://www.ArtbyGordana.com2010/07/17 at 8:18 am | In reply to Gordana Curgus.
Thanks Gordana, I may have gray hair (I prefer to think of it as platinum blond) but I’ve still got a playful streak. Now that I’m older I could lie about all the incredible gymnastic tricks I used to be able to do. I can still pull off a nice flying roll at speed and pop right up. AND in a skirt too! Ta da!! Four years on the high school gymnastic team and two summers at gymnastic camp didn’t go completely to waste. Have a great summer. I’m off to our company golf tournament today where no doubt I will have the highest score. I may be good at a few things but golf is not one of them.
Published on: Jul 5, 2010

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