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Art Garden

artist home, artsy house artist home, artsy house
The Art Garden

Fun and whimsy in the Art Garden with funky garden sculptures on a shoestring budget.

This plastic form used to be a mirrored disco ceiling decoration which I bought from the Swallows Nest in Gibsons. I thought it looked wonderful in the garden but after two weeks in our wet, chilly climate, all the mirrors fell off in a sheet! Yikes! It was definitely not made for the great outdoors!

So, I pulled all the mirrors off, cleaned up the piece and reattached mirrors, some broken china plates and marbles using materials suitable for our British Columbia climate.

The piece stands about 32 inches high and sends sparkles all over the garden when the sun shines on it.

artist home, artsy house

Found Object Laughter Poles

The glazed ceramic pots which form the bases of these poles are filled with cement and a length of iron rebar stands up through the central holes. Each object on the pole has a hole, natural or drilled and they were just slid down the pole one on top of the other. Some weird shaped objects like the toy cars have been wired on. As they age, parts can be replaced, added or subtracted as needed.

artist home, artsy house
I call them laughter poles because they just make you smile and laugh as you view them from different parts of the garden and lane.
artist home, artsy house
Sabina At Sea
I had the idea for this percolating in my mind for about a year before I got around to putting it all together. The torso was part of an old store mannequin. It is mounted on a base of plywood.

artist home, artsy house

The torso is covered with Liquitex modelling paste built up in layers and then painted with Liquitex acrylic paints with high lightfast qualities then with epoxy over that. The beads and crystals hang from the waist creating a waterfall effect.

The torso is removable from the base so it can be moved separately or with its base to a more weather protected place for the winter. The box is weighted inside with sandbags.

artist home, artsy house
Sabina at sunset….
artist home, artsy house artist home, artsy house
Plastic decorative oranges were wired onto the branches of a tree on my driveway. These were just for fun and were very cheery in the winter with bare branches and even more amusing with snow on them. They only survived 2 winters so now I am on the hunt for multi-colored ceramic cups to dangle in there for next year. Luckily these oranges were only from a dollar store.

Why not have some fun? What’s the worst thing that could happen if you did have fun with your garden? You can always tone it down later if you need to put it up for sale but meantime, take it in hand and show it who’s the boss and remind it that girls just want to have fun!

artist home, artsy house
The stainless steel sphere was found at a garden center and is made to function as a fountain but not in this case. It is mounted through the drain hole in the tall glazed ceramic pot. A little silver wine stopper by South African designer Carol Boyes just popped in perfectly to the fountain hole in the center of the sphere. This is nice to look down at from our deck above or from anywhere else in the garden.

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