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moment circus man flying aerial silks, red gold blue, circus art and text

Acrylics on canvas, gold leaf
36 x 36 inches

Aerial, elegant male acrobats flying through the air on their flying aerial silks were the imagery I chose for this piece. The moment refers to those fleeting moments when everything is in balance and life is running smoothly in spite of what hysteria seems to be swirling around on the surface, a state which always seemed to describe my own life.

Although the circus pieces portray circus performers, they are actually more about taking a step out into thin air without a landing net. Riley dancing is just another example of this daring stepping out and taking a risk, putting yourself out there.

Cirque de Soleil is a fantastic source of eye candy for anyone interested in circus arts and circus costumes. It started up in Montreal just around the time that I left and traveled off into my own adventures. I think if I had stayed, I would have gotten involved with them in some creative capacity.

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