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Riley 2

dancing child expressive painting, acrylics painting child dancing, Paula O'Brien

bold colored painting of child dancing, tuquoise, pinks, yellows, spiral, brushmarks, Paula O'Brien

Riley 2

Acrylics on canvas
24 x 36 inches

I discovered Riley. a young girl dancer spinning and dancing in public in a dream-like state and asked if I could arrange to photograph her. I was thrilled when she and her mum accepted.

Over the past two years I have learned to take my nerve firmly in hand and go directly after what I want. This is a brave new world but to my delight, almost every time I approach someone who inspires me, they accept this odd request from a total stranger to be photographed. Having a good art postcard seems to incite some credibility and we often have a quick photo session right there and then or within a few days.

Sometimes it is hard to recapture that special electricity that drew me to them in the first place but something good always seems to come of it. In a normal shoot, I will shoot over 500 shots. These help me become acquainted with every angle and helps make them come alive back in the studio.

I try to capture my subjects when they are not actually performing but rather when they have actually become something outside of their ordinary existence.

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