Yellow Dress II

young dancing twin girls in yellow dresses, bold colorful palette knife painting, colourful dance art

young dancing twin girls in yellow dresses with bouquets, oil painting with palette knife, colorful dance art

Yellow Dress II

Oils on canvas, palette knife painting
24 x 36 inches

I have a fascination for photographing and capturing little girls dancing. They seem to inhabit quite another world when they are in full costume and fully in the zone of their dancing. I love to try to capture that moment when performers are most full alive in their creative expression of dance. This is a recurring theme in my work. These young twin girls were very striking and I got many good shots of them.

l’art figuratif….
peinture a couteau à palette couteau à peindre

arte figurativo…
cuchillo de pintura
pintura cuchillo de paleta

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