Puerto Vallarta contemporary & figurative art

South Side Art Shuffle in Puerto Vallarta Old Town

On our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, the South Side Shuffle took us on a wonderful evening stroll through the art galleries.

Galeria Danté

We wandered into the large meandering Galleria Danté and say hello to owner Claire Guarniere again. We feature three of her artists on the Figurative Artist website,  Guillermo Gomez, Israel Zzepda, Yvan Genest. Claire, originally from Saskatchewan, Canada has been down here for 33 years building Galeria Danté into the very successful and art-packed gallery it is today. They show works by about 62 artists in styles from wonderful complete realism to raw and naive works and everything in between. Truly something for every taste and budget. Whether you are hunting for the perfect piece to bring back home or something for your new home in Mexico, there’s something wonderful at Galeria Danté for you.

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger

Alvaro Zardoni, bronze

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger

Isreal Zzepda painting

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger

Guillermo Gomez bronze

Galeria Ambos


Juicy brushy abstract landscapes and figurative works by Page Railsback, above were my favorites. Gorgeous lively acrylics of people land landscapes, settings, great brushwork and colours without much line. They are very loose and seem like plain air work but are more probably done in the studio from plain air sources and photos, very nice.

Galeria Contempo

FAVELA Abelardo

Luis Espiridion
Miriam Perez
Lucille Wong
Luis SN Carlos
Cathy Chalvignac
Pipo Brockman
Lee Chapman
Edgar Cano
Alfonso Pena
Lush abstracts above by Favela Abelardo particularly caught my eye which I would think would be very appealing to the large gay tourist contingent that call Puerto Vallarta home each winter.

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger

There were several fanciful and humorous Lee Chapman paintings on the Contempo stairwell, another of my figurative artists and whose home we got to visit a few days later. Studio visit to Lee Chapman.

More goodies on the street

Cassandra Shaw jewelry
Pepe Cerroblanco, bold art jewelry with precious stones

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger
Patricia Gawle, ceramics

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger
Kathleen Carrillo, paintings and House of Wind & Water art retreats

Wednesday night ArtWalk

The Loft Galeria

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger
Bill White cowboy

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger
Carlos Cortes woman


Dean Gazely whose studio we visited last Spring in Guanajuato

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger
Susan Seaberry


Deborah Aschheim ink drawings on vellum Welcome the Presidents. very interesting narrative and images of the important USA/Mexico presidential visits and how they shaped Puerto Vallarta from a small town to the city we see today.

Cafe des Artistes

Holy coy, what an amazing restaurant! How have we missed this on trips here before or did it have one helluva makeover??? Don’t miss gorgeous very original art jewelry by Rose Blouet in Rose-Thiery Boutique, the owner’s wife in a bijou little boutique at the front. Definitely worth a visit but bring your credit card!! I may need to go back….

Galeria des Artistes

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger
Patrick Siler, great line drawings and paintings

Ignacio Guerrero

Sirena’s Art Gallery

Ignacio Guerrero ceramics and paintings above, colourful and whimsical figures and animals

Galeria Omar Alonso

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger
Rogelio Manzo, fabulous figurative works in sculpture and painting!!!

Galeria Pacifico

Colourful figurative painter & art blogger
Brewster Brockman,
bold paintings and large ceramic sculptures, very impressive with chunky wood platforms

Galeria Uno

Tom Olesker
Diego Ayala
Cesar Lopez
Miguel Vega
Oswaldo Orozco
Sergio Garval***   HOT!!


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