Ragfinders Jacket

Ragfinders Jacket #26  $14.00

Loose-fitting unlined jacket sewing pattern that looks great in every size, a great way to put together luscious fabrics collected over years with easy asymmetric strip-piecing. Fewer fabrics may be chosen for a simpler look. Pointy collar & pockets, back pleat detail, 4 pretty motifs (leaf, kite, spiral, star) given for yoke applique. Multi-sized up to 60″ bust.

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Corrections to Tissue

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Ragfinders Jacket Samples

Ragfinders Jacket by Margaret Dangel.
She used only 3 fabrics for her “Autumn Leaves” jacket. She cut leaves from the printed fabric and bonded and stitched them over the gold fabric which was pleated in 1/4″ pleats onto a bonded backing. She stitched a grid of fine gold metallic thread on the green fabric.

Pavelka Design sewing patterns

Two Ragfinders Jackets in mixed kimono inspired quilting cottons.

Worn with purple top hat is Mary, Mary, Hows Your Garden? It was made for a Hoffman Challenge, but, sniff, was rejected. It has fringe tucked into most vertical piecing seams.

The beautiful beret was bought at a wearable art boutique in Portland, OR

Pavelka Design sewing patterns

Ragfinders Jacket, the simpler Quartet Coat version in quilting cottons. In this version, you pick only 4 fabrics & I tell you exactly where to put them. It makes a lovely suit with Sundown Skirt.