Remaking my home pages for social media

Remaking my home pages for social media

July 20, 2010 | ART, figurative painting | 3 Comments

Tom Wood portrait paintingWith all the studying that I’ve been heads down in over the past 5 months, I realize I need to remake my home pages. Above the fold and social media ready are now things that have meaning for me in Etherland. I’m starting with the figurative site and it’s just about ready to go up with a slightly new look. I want them all to be ready for visitors in case my little slide show about figurative art gets popular and draws some interest. It’s a long shot but, hey, you never know. I just went to find that wonderful little film about Women In Art and it’s had an amazing 10 millions viewings. If I can get just a few of those, I’ll be pleased.

Amanda Russian beach scene figurative art paintingAnyway, it sure has been keeping me busy, keeping up with images as they come in, sizing them and now I’m in the editing room trying to find the best order to present them in. I have a few new far flung artists too. Tom Wood (portrait above) from England, Amanda Russian (beach image)from Australia and Alejandro Rosemberg (below) from Argentina. Alejandro Rosemberg figurative art painting portrait Argentina

Some find me and some I find but they’re all interesting in one way or another. It’s fun communicating with people from different countries. When I used to do my sewing patterns, I was quite thrilled to be mailing them off to Holland, Australia and even the Falkland Islands. I’m looking forward to having more free time once this slide show is finished. Of course, we’ll probably make another one but not until next year so I can get on to my own paintings again. Plus there’s a lovely summer to enjoy. Cheerio! Paula


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