Small fish just back from big pond of Las Vegas

Coming to Las Vegas made us feel like tiny baby fish in a very big pool, whereas we’re pretty good sized fish back home. Certainly licensing character properties is something that we were there in Las Vegas to learn about, pretty much from the drawing board up.

Ah, the learning curve. Take a moment to let your kids know that learning never stops, there’s always something new to learn. Right now, it seems that many of us are putting energies into learning how to harness the potential of the internet and social media. I’ve got a nice little focus group going at my house most Wednesdays and we’re all there sharing about programs like Blogger, WordPress, Dreamweaver, ACT, StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Alerts and others.

The conversation slides over into why artists should have their own websites, what do we know about making art books for ipad and iphone, how to best approach the whole field of self publicity and how we can help each other. We’re probably going to guest blog for each other and keep on meeting when we can. It’s all very interesting and I find myself waking up with great enthusiasm for what the day might hold in the way of new tricks and skills to put into practice, new bows in my quiver, new tools in my tool box.

We artists may not be able to help clean up the oil but maybe we can put our creative skills to other uses to help in other ways, even if it’s just to bring a smile to some one’s face and take them out of their own world for even just a few moments.
Published on: Jun 18, 2010

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