So nice to get fan mail

Hi Paula,
At the American Tug rendezvous last September I commented on your wonderfully colorful attire and you were kind enough to give me a card announcing a show opening occurring in October. I’ve held on to that card ever since and just now visited your website. What a full, interesting life you’ve lived! The story is compelling and the work represented on your website is expressive, honest and colorful. I could read character in the eyes of the subjects you painted and I must say, I was moved. I find it a treat to catch a glimpse of the soul of the people I’ve met. This was an especially tasty treat. It’s been very nice learning a bit about you. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks, Marla, writes Paula. Sharing and inspiring are as high on my personal list as the showing off part. I show off my work from a long period of creativity and not just only the most current things. painting and drawing are where I am at today but I like to go the extra step and share other aspects of my colorful home and life and hope they touch and maybe inspire others to find their own voices. Although I would love to let them go, I continue to include the sewing patterns side because many people still find them inspiring in some way. I started doing art textiles more than 30 years ago and except for my own personal art coats, I have moved on from them but I will share them as others may only just be starting on their own creative journeys and enjoy them.

Figurative painting is where I am at now and my exciting figurative artist networking site is really taking off. After only two and a half weeks of serious solicitation, I have nearly 160 artists who have sent images. They coma from all over, Australia, Iceland, Belgium, France, Britain, Mexico and of course mostly from Canada and USA. It’s a very exciting project and my mind is simmering with it and my new oil paintings all the time. I am having a show soon but the oil paintings are not quite set yet so I can’t include them- poop! That’s ok, it’s a smaller restaurant venue and I have lots of older things to fill it with. I’ll post it soon, after I crop them in Photoshop…

Off to enjoy a slideshow that friends are hosting of their 3 week trip to India. I know it was inspiring and educational. The poor chap got his cameras stolen in London and left then left his briefcase with his whole travel itinerary behind some other place. Yikes!! That was educational and they hadn’t even gotten to India yet!
Published on: Mar 28, 2010

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