Wow, what a novel concept! Having some time at home to do some spring cleaning. The last few years have been way too chaotic to get at those boxes in the attic so am having a BIG sort out at last. The floor of the attic is just plywood (watch out for splinters on the rear end) and I have to walk around in a crabwalk but at least I have the right weather window; not too freaking freezing and not too bloody boiling up there! It was on my May calendar last year too but then we suddenly decided to do a little renovation which of course grew a little bigger and then suddenly it was September and off to the races on other projects. This year, I actually get to haul a few big bag of old papers off to the confidential shredders so I call that progress!

The joy of having a house that’s not too big and not too small is that you don’t have to move house as soon as the kids leave home as you might in a gigantic house. We don’t have a garage gathering up lots of useful or useless stuff and we use every inch of the basement so my attic is really my basement, except that I have to go up one of those nifty drop-down attic ladders to get there. It was a retro-fit so if you’re building a house, do yourself a BIG favor and put a drop-down attic ladder in while you build. I had the home phone up there, my handy dandy big black felt pen for marking boxes and an audio book on the go too to keep me focused.

I’m about 2/3 of the way through so now I can look ahead to getting back to the painting studio at last!! I can hardly wait! I had to slog away all last month getting my brother successfully moved and the whole month was very hard. After those 3 nights at the spa, which felt like an entire week, I feel like a human again and able to look new projects in the eye. I still have a good day of sorting out and settling my studio after basically just running through and grabbing or dropping things off for the last 2 months. You really can’t have it all, you have to pick and choose where to put your energies or else your head might blow up! So focus, focus, March was launching figurative artist site, focus April was moving the carbuncle and focus May is centering myself and bringing the palette knife back down onto the paints and then the canvas. Keep taking the vitamins and getting good nights sleep and look ahead to a new painting.
Published on: May 11, 2010

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