Subtle fabric shifts in Japanese quilts

Subtle fabric shifts in Japanese quilts

I am not a traditional quilter by any means but I used to go to International Quilt Market every year with my Pavelka Design sewing patterns and I was certainly exposed to the full range of quilt things on the market from about 1993 – 2000.

The thing that really struck me about the majority of quilts at the Tokyo Quilt Show can be illustrated in the quilts in this post. As the pattern spreads across the quilt, a subtle range of fabrics are explored creating a very subtle or lively shimmering surface.

It seems that I see less of this in North American quilts, but I’m sure I have only seen a tiny amount of what’s out there. It just seems that I more often see a quilt of the same block repeated in same fabric over here and really at the Tokyo Show, I don’t recall seeing any that stayed true to one block repeating without this subtle shift in fabric prints being explored. Not that one approach is better than another, but this difference just struck me quite strongly when I was there.

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