We love our IKEA desks & DELL computers

We love our IKEA desks & DELL computers

January 10, 2011 | organization | No Comments

Boy, I sure love the Galant desks by IKEA for work spaces that are so easy to rearrange. I can think about a way to rejig our workspace then just get in there myself with my handy dandy power drill and multi-head screwdriver. Most things these days are designed to be pretty easily moved by just one person and I’m not exactly an Amazon. A month ago, I went in to the office on the weekend and completely did a few rooms over. We had to take out some built-in desks from when we first bought the building in 2001 and I was very grateful to have my lovely 2 assistants to help with that but once the desks were hauled out, arranging the office with Galant desks was a snap. They are a nice size and the Ikea site a has a great office planning tool to create a room just your size and move the furniture around to come up with a good plan. Really handy. There are nice black leather covered steel corner curves that just pop onto the desks to create instant continuous curved desk in a second. Man, I love those things! You can line the desks up without actually joining them or jig them around a bit to meet your oddball layout. Super, super, super. The little slide-out keyboard trays are useful little items too and all these things can be done by one person. Of course, everything goes faster with two.

Galant used to make a fantastic electric height adjustable desk for a bargain price of $850 but sadly, they don’t seem to carry this model any longer. We have 2 of these at work. I’d love to have one myself but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards. I make do by switching it up with a good chair and a big ball.

I don’t know why people say negative things about DELL but we couldn’t be happier with our computers and the service we have gotten from them over the years. Just though I’d put a good word in for them. Good product, good price, good service.

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