Westcoast Figurative Exhibition Jan 12 – Feb 5


Through a line, a gesture, human voices wake us. Seven artists capture the human condition and form in their own unique and distinct figurative style. Bringing the human face into focus are Justin Ogilvie, Jay Senetchko, Andrea Armstrong, Maria-Margaretta from Vancouver and Jennifer Goodwin, Cindy Riach and Paula O’Brien from the Sunshine Coast. From delicate line drawings to bold and brushy oils, these painters share their family, friends and connections to the past and present with the viewer.

GPAG - Gibsons Public Art Gallery
Jan 12 - Feb 5, 2017

Andrea Armstrong

Cindy Riach

Jay Senetchko

Jennifer Goodwin

Justin Ogilvie

Maria Margaretta

Paula O’Brien

This is Paula O'Brien's 2nd time as figurative exhibition curator at GPAG, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Gibsons, BC, Canada.
Westcoast Figurative

Can't make it to our exhibition in Gibsons, BC in person? Enjoy the exhibition here on this video.

Westcoast Figurative
Jan 12 - Feb 5
GPAG - Gibsons Public Art Gallery
Gibsons, BC, Canada

Jan DeGrass
She started a website a few years ago – www.figurativeartist.org – that gathers images of contemporary figure art in drawing, painting, ceramics, textiles and sculpture. At first she had to invite artists to show their work on the website, but soon she was receiving submissions and posting examples from artists around the world. The site now shows 1,000 artists who exhibit an exciting range of professional work.

The GPAG show is called Westcoast Figurative – Seven Painters of the Human Form, and it features seven artists with a strong interest in figurative art who capture the human condition in their own unique and distinct personal styles. The variations are enormous of the many ways that seven people can view the human form. 

O’Brien met Vancouver artists Andrea Armstrong and Maria-Margaretta when she attended the East Side Culture Crawl in Vancouver.

“Their work attracted me,” she said, and she invited them on to her website. Armstrong’s works combine traditional portraiture and whimsical illustration while Emily Carr final year student Maria-Margaretta’s oils on frosted Mylar deliver raw and focused emotion. Vancouver artist Jay Senetchko is no stranger to the Sunshine Coast – many have seen his work in the past at Goldmoss Gallery in Roberts Creek. He exhibits studies that reflect the parallels between different historical periods and contemporary life.
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Anna Nobile

With Westcoast Figurative, O’Brien invited artists whose work she admired and those she’d worked with before to exhibit with her in a show focussed on the human body. The seven artists have produced a diverse show of 67 pieces. “[We’ve] tried to convey and capture and share with others some connection that [we] have with the subject.” O’Brien’s connection with the Coast’s dance community is evident in her bold and colourful paintings. “It’s blurring, its moving, its reflected light, intensified,” says O’Brien . “That’s how I am understanding what they are experiencing and they’ve said to me, ‘That’s what it feels like.’”

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