On Saturday, Aug 28, BRAVO TV will show the entire series Work of Art so catch up with episodes you may have missed and take in the finale. I only saw about half of them so I was happy to just stumble over this marathon on my TV scheduler this morning. In our area it starts at 8 am. It’s been an interesting series. What did you think of it?

I’m trying to put in a few days of focusing on tidying up my digital photos. They need a good sort through. I like to add tags or keywords to ones that have any kind of art interest for me so that when I want to see all the images that fit a set of criteria, I can find them in a snap no matter what folders they’re in. Because I have the full Photoshop, Adobe Bridge came with it and i use that as my main image management program but Google’s free download Picasa is worth its weight in gold and works really well for sorting, renaming, editing, sharing and handles keywords terrifically.

Here’s an example. Say I am interested in bicycles and have taken lots of them over the years. If I have also added the keyword red to them, by asking for bicycles & red, bingo! Up they will pop from my many varied folders, no matter what their date or location. I do this for things I may want to work with for art reference or even just to go back and revisit ant particular gallery on a particular subject. I take lots of photos in art museums and then if I keyword them art and then painting or sculpture, in a couple of keystrokes I can be off in a big museum crawl on those subjects as opposed to going to a specific folder on a specific trip. It’s work at the front end and is a goal rather than a complete reality but it’s nice when it all works. Plus, I’m doing a workshop on it in September at our American Tug rendezvous so I need to polish up the slight chaos for the show and tell.

It helps me keep track of my best life drawings for example, which I can view in chronological order to see how I’ve progressed over the last 3 years since I’ve been back to weekly life drawing. I hope I can wade through a bunch and make some good headway. Because I hold images for over 500 artists for the artist network sites, I have those ones very carefully filed and labeled but my own personal ones have not been whipped into order quite so strictly. I need tiger trainer Mabel Stark to perch on my shoulder and help me whip these babies into some order. They’re making a movie about her now with Kate Winslet. I hope it will be as good as the book The Final Confession of Mabel Stark which was a cracker. I need to read it again. She was sure a feisty dame.
Published on: Aug 26, 2010

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