We had a great event last weekend. The 3rd Annual Gibsons Zombie Walk was a big success, raising community fun and food for the local Food Bank. We met at our local Rec Centre which I must say, did look a bit like a disaster refuge. At least these cute girls made it look more fun than a serious medical disaster.


These two Canada World Youth exchange students were convincing. I touched ones (fake) pregnant belly and then had to go wash my hands. That great glossy glaze if some kind of sugar syrup mixture. Very effective but sticky!! It was great to have this little African gang of young people along. Oh dear, the health care system is even more trouble than I thought. Yikes. Does this guy get paid to be the receptionist here?


Fun for the whole family, even if they’re not quite sure what’s going on. We posed for a big group shot of the 120 or so of us or so then we were off!



We made a lurching, limping, foot dragging circuit around Upper Gibsons, even crossing carefully at crosswalks so as not to actually terrify the general public, some of whom did not have a clue as to what we were up to, others who got it completely and yanked out their camera phones.

I love these two medical kooks and the London Drug sign in the background. Hilarious! There were even some dapper Zombies, very quiet and well dressed, natty and nautical.

These two come every year and always have fantastic team costumes. This year they came as a tragic golf accident. Hey, Gibsons, BC may be a small town of less than 4000 but we know how to have fun, even in the rain.

Back to the Rec Centre for prizes for best costume, best team costume, best Zombie Walk. We had a clap-off and the winners were very deserving and proud to take home their little ghoulish trophies. 9973 0065 Great job and huge congratulations to the organizing team. When they’re not the living dead, they are actually all part of our fun team at Kidzsmart. We really take our fun seriously. See you all next year.

Your gal in the field and roving photographer. Always aiming for a great shot, even if it kills me… Paula
Published on: Oct 30, 2010

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