About Paula O’Brien

I’m a colorful visual artist. My passion for color splashes over everything I touch, from my figurative artwork and paintings of dancers in juicy oil paints to my eclectic clothes and inspiring artistic home.

My current works include abstract landscape paintings with views from my West Coast World and my travels.

A long practice of life drawing and urban sketching gives me the foundation for lovely fast and loose plein air painting.

Digital painting is a current fascination and I’m really enjoying having my full painting studio at my fingertips anywhere I can travel with my iPad.

Thank goodness I’m blessed with good health, lots of energy, enough to share and be an art curator for other artists, too, online with my artist showcase sites and in my local community.

I was blessed to have had a fabulous husband who supported me and my efforts to help promote and support other artists.

Dennis, thank you, we’ll miss you.

My path as an artist… the longer version

By the way, I am not the Paula O’Brien who is a psychic medium in the UK, she is but please feel free to send me £100.00 and I’m sure I can tell you something inspiring!