Digital painting tutorial videos

Work fast and loose with digital drawing and painting, explore 3 different digital painting apps with these instructional videos.

Digital life drawings & paintings 2021

This video about life drawing with digital painting on iPad accompanies our group exhibition at Sunshine Coast Arts Council in Sechelt, Feb 12 - March 14, 2021. We are 21 artists drawing from live nude models under natural daylight.


**Adobe Sketch has been retired and has been replaced with Adobe Fresco

Adobe Photoshop Sketch - Learn the basics

Learn the basics for digital drawing and painting with Adobe Photoshop Sketch, free for all devices. Learn how to select brushes, size, color, transparency, working in layers and exporting your finished image and timelapse video of the process.

In 2017, I moved up to iPad Pro and Adobe Sketch with much more to offer than Brushes. With basics mastered, I took it to weekly life drawing to push myself to learn it. Great textures to choose from like dry pastel, markers, watercolor, acrylics, oils. I use an inexpensive stylus and the Apple pencil. SUCH a wonderful portable artist toolkit!!! Read more Adobe Sketch.

Adobe Sketch - Intro, Textures & plein air digital painting

Introduction to working with textures and digital plein air painting with Adobe Photoshop Sketch app, free for apple and android devices. An intro to layers, textures, plein air painting and organizing your images.

Adobe Sketch - Create unique brushes

Create new digital painting brushes by photographing objects in the real world and editing them into digital brushes with Adobe Capture, a partner app for Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

Adobe Sketch - Organize your images

Put some order into your digital drawings and paintings that you've made with Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Declutter your image gallery and organize them into project folders.

Brushes Redux

Getting started with Brushes Redux

Exploring layers, creating new brushes, learn all the basics in this digital painting tutorial video.

In 2010, I began digital painting with my fingers with Brushes Redux on my old iPad. David Hockney uses this. Read more about life drawing with Brushes.


Even more painterly effects like wet drips and patterns. Fantastic but overkill for beginners.

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