Figurative painting

Figurative painting, painting people became my passion after returning to weekly life drawing practice in 2007. My figurative painting oils features lots of palette knife, scraping, textures and bold colors.

Working from direct observation of light on the human form was pivotal to my path as an artist and I became bold enough to ask complete strangers to pose for me. The resulting photo sessions evolved into expressive figurative paintings with models, costumes, poses, attitudes of my choice as in the series from the Las Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain.

My figurative works range from young dancers to fascinating characters and paintings from my travels.

I sometimes paint from a shared live nude model with 3 hour pose. These poses are a great chance to practice and improve painting skills and styles and inform the studio works that come afterwards.

I would love to discuss portrait painting the special people in your life.

In 2010, I created FigurativeArtist.Org, an exciting showcase website of over 900 very accomplished international figurative artists in every medium.