Exhibition curator & coordinator

figurative painting exhibition, Figures On The Coast, Paula O'Brien curator

It was a pleasure to work with Paula on the preparation, hanging and presentation of her proposal for “Figures on the Coast” group exhibition at the GPAG this winter. Paula was dedicated and diligent with all the little details that have made this a wonderful show. From reminders to polite prompts to keep everyone on track to fulfill a curatorial vision that she clearly articulated to the GPAG and the participating artists. Kudos – and I look forward to working with her on the next project.
Jan Poynter

Thank you for curating Figures on the Coast, and doing all of the heavy lifting needed to get it up and out there. I was pleased to be a part of this, and look forward to working with you again.
Ann-Marie Brown

Having recently been part of a show successfully conceived and executed by Paula O’Brien, I have no hesitation in recommending her as a curator for any art exhibition. She combines solid knowledge, with good organizational skills, artist sensitivity, enthusiasm and boundless energy.
Brian Romer

All was great.
The gallery has great potential.
Thank you.
Jack Gibson

This is a note from Noel Silver saying that Paula is a great and enthusiastic organizer. I am in the current show, Figures on the Coast and it is a well balanced exhibition of professional artists. It was her idea and she did pretty much everything that needed done. I consider my lucky to be involved as organizing is not my best trait. I am happy to support her in the future.
Noel Silver


Artist networker & promoter


FigurativeArtist.Org refers a great number to persons directly to my site www.blakesculpture.com on a regular basis, and is consistently within the top 5 reference sites providing traffic to my website. Paula’s communication skills are evident, she is continuously ensuring that new and interesting elements are added and her media presence always expanding.
Blake Ward

Thank you for doing this. I will enjoy looking at all the artists. Figurative art has been out of step with official taste here in Edmonton for many years. With your site I don’t feel so lonely.
Al Henderson

Thank you for your supportive and inspirational work in creating such a rich connection between a multitude of figurative artists with various practices. I am also delighted to say that it was through this site that a Chicago art collector discovered my work in Montreal and consequently was inspired to acquire one of my paintings.
Elaine Despins

WOW your site looks fabulous,,, truly fabulous.

I also wanted to share with you that I did a little research on where people find my website. And you keep rocking the stats…your site provides over 20% of the referrals to my little site.
Thank you for providing so much support Paula.
Tom Montan