Flower paintings! New in 2022!

I've been photographing flowers and looking at flower paintings for several years now and now they're jumping right out of the studio!

I'm very excited to embark on what feels like a very new body of work in exciting new directions.

It all started when I accidentally cut down a large stalk of lovely pink roses in my garden. Oh no!!!! I snipped them into two vases and painted them from life over a week. Painting them from direct observation (rather than from photography) was an exciting process and the fact that my model stayed still for days was a big improvement over life drawing models and plein air painting with their rapidly changing natural light conditions.

This launched me into my new JUICY FLOWERS series. Since there's no possible way for me to photograph my own flowers in the real world, I've been collecting beautiful flowers photographs as well as photos of exotic vases and antiques. Collaging them together digitally in Procreate and then painting over them allows me to create my own reference compositions. This is a breakthough for me as up till now I have only worked from my own photographs BUT now I have the whole online world of images to play with and alter beyond recognition into my own personal style. And bring them forth into the world. To you.
 I feel like I'm just getting started... I'm really letting the paint lead me in a joyful dance and letting them evolve and explode with lots of energy and color.
The garden is growing.