digital urban sketching mother and baby
digital urban sketching mother and baby in cafe, plein air digital painting
Mother and baby in Cafe


Sketching in River City Coffee in September, I captured this lovely young mother chatting with her friend, new 3 month old baby by her side and then on her breast. Just before they left I showed her my picture which I had just finished. Here’s what she wrote back to me when I emailed her the picture.

“Thank you so much. This means a lot to me. I am a new mom and life has been challenging lately with my little guy dealing with some health concerns on top of regular old mom stress. I was feeling pretty low today with the lack of sleep and lack of showering and lack of control. Your picture turned my whole day around. You captured a simple moment with my baby where I was feeling effortlessly happy. I will cherish this forever and you have impacted my world more than you know.”

Every parent remembers that overwhelmed feeling, or if they don’t remember it, they’ve forgotten it. A challenging and eventful time in life. I love being an ambassador out in the world for urban sketching and sharing with others.

Plein air urban sketching,digital painting on iPad with Adobe Sketch app on iPad with apple pencil. Lots of layers with watercolor and marker effects.