Little Flower Riot

Oils on canvas
12 x 16 x .5 inches

A riot of colourful amazing flowers caught in brushy bold strokes on the small scale and itching to grow bigger.

Now that I am collecting flowers from beyond just my own garden, I have the whole world to shop from! Since I could never find all these wonderful subjects in my own small town, I create collage compositions on my iPad to work from and bring them to life in rich loose oil paint in my studio. I create my own compositions of wild exotic flowers and then anchor them in wonderful vases in digital painting on my iPad. Imagine them brightening up your own world. These blooms will never fade and droop like real flowers do....

Exotic flowers in layers of colourful drips and bold brush strokes. Collect an entire garden or just a few to brighten up your space.

Semi-abstract expressionist flowers, paintings in oils.