I’m working behind the scenes and nearly ready to add about 47 new faces to our figurative artists network site. What a diverse bunch they are, from exquisite painters like Eric Armusik(above) and Francien Kreig, origami masters Eric Joisel, senior Canadian ceramic artist Joe Fafard, fine doll artists Richard and Jodi Creager… well, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer to find out who else is joining us. I’m re-tweaking the navigation and it’s taking a bit longer than I thought. Did I mention that I actually do have a life?

Speaking of web site navigation, although it’s not part of any kind of package that I offer my stable of artists, when I do find a glitch in their site nav, I make sure to tell them. Eric Armusik kept asking me to go and choose an image from his site and I kept telling him that nothing happened on his home page when I clicked on paintings. He must have thought I was a dolt. Eventually I tried another link to see if any of his nav worked and bingo, suddenly his painting link created a big drop-down list. Yikes! He was very thankful when I told him that this important nav was missing from his home page! So, chums, please contact web sites if you see a major hole in their design. They will thank you for it.

This week, I’ve had new submissions from Argentina, Holland and USA so the site must be leaking out somehow… Great! I did have to turn a few down and that’s a bit tough but I want to keep up a high level of artwork quality and the web sites really have to stand up too and deliver on my promise of good quality and good quantity fine art with a focus on the human form.

This seems to be my largest work of art in a way and although I’m itching to get that new oil paint sliding over my prepped canvases, I’m very satisfied with this big work I am creating. I’m sure it will be seen in more parts of the world than my own paintings so it’s satisfying and my growing stable of artists certainly gives me something to talk about. I am entrusted with images of nearly 600 artists between my local Sunshine Coast artist site and the international figurative one. Once the upcoming slide show is mounted, things will settle down and we’ll see what happens next.
Published on: Jul 24, 2010

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