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digital urban sketching mother and baby

Mother and baby in Cafe

Mother and baby in Cafe 2019 Sketching in River City Coffee in September, I captured this lovely young mother chatting with her friend, new 3 month old baby by her side and then on her breast. Just before they left I showed her my picture which I had just finished. Here’s what she wrote back […]

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digital urban sketching on ipad procreate Mexico gorditas sellers

Gorditas sellers, Plaza San Roque

Gorditas sellers, Plaza San Roque Digital urban sketching on iPad with Procreate. I sat down on small stone steps just opposite these Mexican gorditas sellers just near Plaza San Fernando. They knew I was painting them and I shared the image with them when I was finished. They were quite thrilled. even the stern faced

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Inside Circus Vargas Tent

Inside Circus Vargas Tent Watercolor on paper, China Marker resist, plein air painting 2016 12 x 19 inches Circus Vargas, Palm Springs, CA, USA. The trapeze artist invited us inside the Big Top tent between shows, magical!!! Good thing I know my watercolor palette very well because it was quite dark. Circus Vargas Tent Watercolor

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Cape Town Urban Sketchers

Cape Town Urban Sketchers While visiting friends and family near Cape Town, South Africa, we connected with the Cape Town urban Sketchers through their facebook group and got to meet with them at Chalk Farm for a morning of sketching and getting to know 16 new friends with at least one common interest – sketching!

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Mexico swimming pool sketching

Mexico swimming pool, father & small boy Permanent marker, watercolors on watercolour paper 2015 The swimming pool in our hotel was a great place to chill out and when I brought my sketchbook, it was even more fun. I really liked the expression and action I caught here in a few quick strokes. Unless you’re

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Mexican couple at Starbucks

Mexican couple at Starbucks, Puerto Vallarta Permanent marker, Moleskine 2015 Between 2 plein air paintings on the same hot sunny day, I took refuge in an air conditioned Starbucks to cool down. This cute couple sat opposite me in the comfy couches, completely oblivious to the fact that I was sketching them. I shared the

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Cafe Chatter

Urban sketching Puerto Vallarta Cafe Chatter Waxy China marker, watercolors, watercolour Moleskine 2015 Tried to capture these chatters at the local cafe. We took our 8.5 x 5 watercolor Moleskines with us every time we went out for coffee and caught many nice little scenes. Related Works Colorful House Economy Rentals Traditional Home

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