First impressions of Las Vegas

Smoking inside malls, casinos, restaurants, advertisements to come and try out machine guns, walking around with alcohol in plastic traveler glasses are things we just don’t see in Canada. Toto, I think we’re not in Kansas anymore…

Odd to fly and stay in same continent and time zone. Usually our travel plans take us to England where Kidzsmart has a sister office. From there we sometimes take a side jaunt off to Spain, France or even South Africa to visit far flung family. The last time we flew to the States was to New York for the Toy Show and big blizzard in Feb, 2007. I consoled myself with a pair of chunky sheepskin lined Ugg boots that I just love to wear anytime the temperature drops here in BC.

As we pulled up to the Bellagio Hotel, others on the shuttle bus mentioned that we shouldn’t even look inside the mini fridge or touch the items for sale in the basket on top as they are weight calibrated to ring up on the bill just by touch. Hmmm. I guess we usually don’t stay in such swanky places as this has never come up before. We said that we usually traveled with a family member whose medication needs refrigeration and what would we do in that case? They brought us in a separate little fridge and we put our few things into it.

Yes, our 12 year old daughter has been a diabetic for 7 years… but hey don’t need to know that she is a poodle as we’d left her back home at the kennel with Uncle Dale.
Published on: Jun 25, 2010

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