What a busy week. I’m feeling very thankful tonight. Among many things, I’m thankful to have survived a crazy day of wacky drivers in Vancouver. I’m thankful for NOT getting stuck in major traffic gridlock as there was a police manhunt completely blocking the upper and lower highways between Taylor Way and Capilano Roads between West and North Vancouver. I’m thankful for making it onto the 830 ferry this morning and not having to wind up the ramps around and around as the upper ramp on our normal loading side was out of action. I’m VERY thankful for being the absolute last car allowed onto the 550 ferry home this evening.

I’m extremely thankful that my darling hubby’s general anaesthetic and day surgery on his throat went smoothly, always a little worry the few times he gets it done over the year. I’m thankful for Skyping with our kids and grandkids in South Africa this week. What a bunch of cuties, big and small. I’m thankful as ever for having a safe roof over our heads and the gift of being able to sleep soundly most nights. I’m thankful for the many wonderful sockeye salmon which we filetted and prepped in our little assembly line and put away in the freezer to enjoy over the winter. I’m thankful that James showed us how to make our first batch of smoked salmon and that it turned out SO well.

I’m thankful for our town, Gibsons, BC’s best drinking water in the world and having some right now in a nice handmade ceramic cup by my friend Georgina Brandon. I’m thankful for my health and all my blessings. I’m thankful that misguided Florida minister did not light the fire on September 11.

“Target Afghanistan – and The Tears fall Down Like Rain”, wearable art garment, quilted cotton coat, installation with Unicef box and rubble. October 2001.
Published on: Sep 16, 2010

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  1. I could not believe it when I read your comment on Airdries “Talking to Air” and seen that we not only share the same name, but I also have a husband who is 18 years older than me. Your remark to her was so right on…I will place you in my Google reader if that is okay….

  2. Thanks Paula. That’s pretty funny. We once did a trade show and just before it opened and we were all sort of proudly standing at attention in front of our booths, I tried to look at the name tag of the vendor opposite us because her badge seemed to look quite a bit like mine. We got closer and yes, she was actually another Paula O’Brien! My husband got to have his picture taken wedged between 2 Paula O’Briens that day. Quite funny… but he only got to take one of us home that night even though she was a gorgeous bubbly blond.

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